Trane Centrifugal Chillers

Trane centrifugal chillers have a long pedigree. For over 60 years, these products have embodied the global standard of reliability, efficiency and durability. This product continues to be the choice of thousands of engineers and owners worldwide because its reliability and energy efficiency offers lower operating cost over the life of a variety of different types of buildings and applications, from comfort to process cooling. The hermetic design prevents contaminants from affecting the longevity of the machine and virtually eliminates the risk of releasing refrigerants into the environment during normal operations.

Trane centrifugal chillers are among the quietest in the industry. And Trane’s exclusive Adaptive Control™ microprocessor can keep the Trane chiller operating when others would shut down–often just when you need cooling the most. All of our centrifugal chillers feature multiple stages for a large operating envelope and surge resistance, and a flash economizer to save energy.

Chillers Models:

EarthWise CenTraVac Chillers
Duplex CenTraVac
Gas-Powered CenTraVac Chiller Package
Gear Drive Centrifugal Chillers