RTHB Trane Chillers

Hermetic rotary refrigeration machines provide chilled water for either comfort or industrial water cooling systems. Series R chillers are engineered for lower life cycle costs and reliability through design simplicity. Trane’s computer selection program yields Series R Chiller performance to specific project requirements.

  • Series R chiller capacities range from 130 to 150 tons.
  • The compact Series R chiller for any retrofit or replacement job. The Series R is 40 percent smaller than typical centrifugals. Units will fit through a standard single-width door.
  • Helirotor™ compressor is direct drive, low speed (3600 rpm), with only two rotating parts, for high reliability and efficiency.
  • Optimized compressor profiles designed specifically for chilled water applications to maximize full and part- load efficiency.
  • Clear Language Display(CLD) Microprocessor-based unit control panel capabilities include advanced control, simple diagnostics and easy interface with Trane Tracer® building automation/energy management with a single twisted pair of wires.



RTHB Unit Specs, 130 – 150 tons

8’11” 5,400 2’10” 5’5″ Standard 130
11’5″ 6,000 2’10” 5’5″ Long 130
8’11” 5,400 2’10” 5’5″ Standard 150
11’5″ 6,000 2’10” 5’5″ Long 150