Trane Duplex Centrifugal Chillers

Model CDHF/60 Hz 1,500 to 3,950 Tons
Model CDHG/50 Hz 1,200 to 2,500 Tons

For large chiller plants, the Duplex chiller provides the same features you’ve come to expect from Trane centrifugal chillers: multiple stages, adaptive feedforward controls, direct-drive compressors, environmentally balanced refrigerant, and factory performance testing. The Duplex chiller is very quiet and has very low water pressure drops, thanks to series-counterflow with single pass evaporators and condensers. Standard parts and proven efficiencies make the Duplex unsurpassed in large cooling applications.

• CH530 Control Panel Adaptive™ Control keeps chiller online when other chillers shut down.
• Provides the benefits of series chillers without the extra engineering, piping and control requirements. Built-in series optimization simplifies operation and chiller plant sequencing.
• Direct-drive compressors with low-pressure refrigerant rotate slowly for high reliability and efficiency (no gears), low sound, and very low direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.
• Multiple stages (4-6) yield wide operation envelope and excellent part load stability and efficiency.
• Series-counterflow arrangement with single-pass evaporators and condensers creates wide delta-T and high efficiency without increasing pump energy.
• Factory assembled in ISO 9001-certified quality manufacturing plant
• Lowest sound levels in the industry
• Trane performance testing capabilities are the best in the industry, so there are no startup surprises or under performing chillers.
• Two independent refrigerant circuits mean the compressors do not compete for refrigerant, creating more capacity at a higher efficiency.