Trane Gas Powered Centrifugal Chillers

In today’s air conditioning market there are many system alternatives. These include electric chillers, gas or steam absorption chillers, engine driven chillers or a combination of two or more of the above.

The proven design of the CenTraVac chiller and the Waukesha Enginator make this package exceptionally attractive when the economics favor an engine driven system. The design of the Gas Powered CenTraVac was developed with the assistance of the Gas Research Institute.

Engine driven alternatives, whether an engine driven generator set or a straight engine driven chiller, have the highest coefficients of performance of any natural gas cooling system and demonstrate lower total operating cost in many parts of the country. CenTraVac Features and Benefits

• Direct-drive for reliability and simplicity.
• Multi-stage design for efficiency.
• Designed for use with environmentally compatible HCFC-123.
• Completely factory-assembled for lower jobsite costs.
• “Near Zero” refrigerant emission design.
• Proven shell and tube design for a variety of high performance heat transfer surfaces.
• Range of component combinations to allow selection of chiller that best meets system requirements.
• Features Trane’s exclusive Adaptive Control™ to keep chiller on line under unfavorable operating conditions.

Waukesha Enginator® Features and Benefits
• State-of-the-art manufacturing assures quality components for long service life minimizing operation costs.
• History of customer satisfaction in providing site specific hardware for ease of installation and operation.
• Lean burn technology provides low emissions and fuel economy for low operating costs. Enginators can also be equipped with catalytic converters when required.
• Custom Enginator control for engine protection and communication with the Trane UCP2™ control.
• Options for both jacket water and exhaust to meet a variety of customer heat recovery requirements including absorption chillers.
• Fuel systems capable of operation on low fuel supply pressures.

Trane GPC Features and Benefits
• The ability to place the engine generator set in a remote location allows for more effective use of plant floor space and flexibility in sound-sensitive work areas.
• Ability to do base and peak shaving.
• Flexible, simple, cost-effective installations – No onsite piping connections between engine and centrifugal chiller, thus minimizing potential refrigerant leaks, and no industrial air compressor is required.