Trane Air Cooled Scroll Water Chillers

Trane 10 to 60 ton air-cooled chillers are factory assembled, charged and designed for outdoor use in ambients of 0 to 115 F. Chillers are equipped with compressors, condenser, fans, evaporator and controls.
Typical Applications: Large office buildings and commercial/industrial facilities. They install easily and quickly on the roof or ground for comfort or process cooling applications.

Unit Specifications

Dimensions L x W x H EER/IPLV Unload Steps (%) Full Load Capacity (tons) Part Load Capacity (tons) Ship Weight (lbs) Model
38 x 52 x 39 10.0/12.3 100/50 8.7 3.5 576 10
34 x 89 x 39 9.6/12.9 100/50 13.6 5.5 871 15
89 x 61 x 68 9.8/14.4 100/50 17.7 10.7 2095 20
89 x 61 x 73 9.8/14.2 100/60/40 23.1 16.3/11.7 2370 25
89 x 89 x 79 9.8/13.9 100/50 28.0 17.0 3455 30
89 x 89 x 79 9.7/14.3 100/75/50/25 34.4 28.4/21.4/10.9 3675 40
114 x 89 x 79 9.7/13.7 100/80/60/30 43.0 37.2/30.6/15.9 4435 50
114 x 89 x 79 9.7/13.4 100/75/50/25 55.5 45.7/34.6/17.8 5800 60
  1. Notes:

    1. EER = Energy Efficiency Ratio, (BTU/watt-hour).

    IPLV = Integrated Part Load Values are EER’s in (BTU/watt-hour).

    2. Data is rated in accordance with ARI Standard 590.92, Section 7.3.

    •44°F leaving chill

    • Product Reliability
      Design and manufacturing excellence has made Trane the leader in the air-cooled chiller marketplace for over four decades. Trane’s product reliability is a natural result of outstanding engineering development and manufacturing practices.

      Ease of Installation
      Trane’s air-cooled chiller’s small size, complete factory wiring, easy lifting provisions, factory installed options and start-up control provide fast, easy installation. A complete unit factory run test eliminates potential start-up problems.

      Packed Stock Program
      At Trane, we know you want your units on the jobsite, on time, and when you need them. With the most flexible chiller packed stock program in the industry, Trane can easily meet demanding job schedules. Trane stocks units in a variety of voltages, ready to ship with optional features such as isolators, low ambient head pressure controls and refrigerant gauge piping.

      Trane Built Compressors
      Trane air-cooled chillers contain the best scroll compressor technology available. Designed specifically to ensure system quality, five years of operation is simulated in a sixteen week test in the Trane system extreme environment test (SEET) facility.

      Enhanced Controls
      The “brain” of the 20 to 60 ton Trane IntelliPak™ air-cooled chiller control package is the unit control module (UCM). This microprocessor control system enhances the air-cooled chiller by providing the latest chiller control technology.

      The flexible UCM (Unit Control Module) offers three (3) choices for complete chiller control:

      Standalone through the HI (Human Interface) with, or without, the optional Remote Human Interface (RHI) Integration with Tracer Building Automation System Integration with a Generic Building Automation System (GBAS) With its innovative, modular microprocessor control design, the UCM coordinates the actions of the chiller in an efficient manner and provides stand-alone operation of the unit. Access to unit controls is via a Human Interface Panel which is a standard component of the IntelliPak chiller.

      This panel provides a high degree of control, superior monitoring capability, and unmatched diagnostic information using a 2 line, 40 character per line, English language display. There are no diagnostic “codes” requiring a translation key for interpretation.

      All system status information and control adjustments can be made from the onboard Human Interface Panel.


    • Optional Features

      Trane air-cooled chillers are available with wide variety of factory installed options that help to eliminate time-consuming accessory field installations. Among these are:

      10 – 15 tons
      Hot Gas Bypass – Allows unit operation below the minimum step of unloading.
      Low Ambient Head Pressure Control – Modulates the rpm of the fan motor in response to outdoor ambient temperature and unit head pressure. Provides unit cooling operation down to outdoor temperatures of 0°F.
      Coil Guard – Metal grille with PVC coating to protect the condenser coil.
      Isolation – Neoprene in shear or spring flex isolators.
      Power Supply Monitor – Provides protection against phase loss, phase reversal, phase imbalance, incorrect phase sequence and low line voltage.
      Elapsed Time Meter/Number Starts Counter – Records number of compressor starts and operating hours.
      Flow Switch – Required as a safety interlock to prevent operation of unit without evaporator flow (available option for field installation only).

      20 – 60 tons
      Trane Communications Interface Module (TCI) – Provides capability to communicate with a Trane ICS® system.
      Compressor Current Sensing (CSM) – This option measures and averages amp draw on each compressor.
      Unit Mounted Disconnect – Non-fused, factory installed, and located inside the main control box, this disconnect switch features an external handle that allows the operator to disconnect unit power without having to open the control box door.
      Isolators – Spring or neoprene-in-shear isolators available for jobsite installation.
      Superheat/Sub-Cooling – In place of externally mounted refrigerant gauges, a module can be ordered that will calculate and display on the Human Interface (HI) each circuit’s superheat and subcooling temperatures.
      Hot Gas Bypass – Although unnecessary on scroll chillers for comfort applications (due to scroll cycling capabilities), hot gas bypass is still available for applications requiring close temperature control at low load conditions.
      Generic Building Automation System (GBAS) – Two modules are available to integrate building automation systems other than Trane. The modules are designed for either 0-5 vdc or 0-10 vdc signals.
      Remote Human Interface (RHI) Panel – The Remote Human Interface Panel can perform all the same functions as unit mounted Human Interface Panel, with the exception of the Service Mode. The field installed RHI can monitor and control up to 4 chillers. The RHI is suitable for mounting inside a building, up to 5,000 feet from the unit. The RHI is wired to the IPCB mounted in each chiller with a wire pair communication wiring and 24V control wiring.
      Remote Setpoint Potentiometer – Field installed option that allows remote adjustment of the leaving solution setpoint.
      Zone Sensor (Chilled Solution Reset) – Field installed zone sensor that allows the leaving chilled solution temperature to be reset by the zone temperature.
      Copper Fin Condenser Coils – Copper fins mechanically bonded to seamless copper tubes are available for use in corrosive atmospheres.
      Electronic Low Ambient Damper(s) – Allows the unit to operate down to 0°F outdoor ambient conditions.
      Inter-Processor Communication Bridge (IPCB) – This module provides an amplified and filtered version of the IPC link for connection to a Remote Human Interface (RHI) Panel. Each chiller that is tied into a RHI must have a IPCB installed.
      Ice building control – A contact closure on the UCM allows either a field installed device or an ICS system to initiate the unit to operate in the ice building mode. In this mode normal chiller temperature control is bypassed and the unit runs fully loaded until ice building is complete. There are two optional ice building modes that can be selected through the HI. Ice building is terminated when the customer provided contacts are opened, Ice Building Stop is initiated from the Tracer, or the entering solution temperature reaches or drops below the ice building terminate setpoint.
      Option 1 – One time Ice building mode allows the unit to run fully loaded until the entering solution temperature falls to the active ice building terminate setpoint (IBTS) When the entering solution temperature reaches the terminate setpoint, the unit will go through pumpdown if enabled and remain in Ice Complete standby mode until the ice build mode is terminated.
      Option 2 – Continuous ice build mode allows the unit to run fully loaded until the entering solution temperature falls to the active ice building terminate setpoint (IBTS). When the entering solution temperature reaches the terminate setpoint, the unit will go through pumpdown if enabled, and remain in Ice build delay. The unit will remain in ice build stand-by until the ice build timer expires. The unit will then start the pump and wait for the loop stabilization timer to expire. The unit will run fully loaded until the entering solution temperature falls below the ice build termination setpoint. The unit will continue cycling through these ice building states until the Ice build mode is terminated or changed to option 1.
      Other Options – In addition to all of these options, Trane can offer in-house design for many applications, including special coil coating.


  • Integrated Comfort™ Systems

    All Trane air-cooled chillers are Integrated Comfort™ System (ICS) compatible. A simple twisted wire pair is all it takes to hook an air-cooled chiller into a Trane Tracer™ or Tracker™ building management system. An ICS system provides the most advanced diagnostics, monitoring, and control that the industry can offer. Trane is the only company that can supply the entire package. ICS provides comfort with one word – Trane.

    The 10 and 15 ton air-cooled chiller is available with ICS interface, allowing it to communicate with either the Trane Tracer or Tracker building management systems via a Thermostat Control Module.

    20 to 60 ton air-cooled chillers with the Integrated Comfort System (ICS) means lower installed cost, less chance for jobsite errors, less design time on the front end of the project and fewer callbacks. With ICS you can easily monitor and quickly diagnose your HVAC building system. A simple twisted wire pair allows for bi-directional communication between the Tracer building management system and the chiller unit control.

    Since ICS is factory-packaged, there’s no need to install separate sensors to monitor your chiller’s operation. All of the control points are on the controller and ready to go when the unit ships. You simply hook-up the Tracer system to the chiller with the twisted wire pair.

    ICS gives you the most powerful monitoring and diagnostic system available. In many cases, problems can be corrected before the occupants notice a difference in their level of comfort.