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York Rotary Screw Water Chillers
From Whaley Products, Incorporated

c&d scroll chillers
YORK® Air-cooled Rotary Screw Chiller
  • Economy - Reduces kW/ton with advanced component design. Eco2 models, using HFC-407C, have highest COP in the industry.
  • Ecology - Environmentally responsive Eco2 models use HFC-407C, which has zero Ozone Depletion Potential and low Global Warming Potential.
  • Control - 'Fuzzy Logic' provides tighter control; easy-to-use microprocessor control panel allows inputs/outputs in choice of English, Spanish, French, or German.
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c&d scroll chillers
YORK® Water-cooled Screw Chiller
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs - The rugged design of YORK screw compressors means no scheduled maintenance is required.
  • Reduced Energy Costs - YORK water-cooled screw chillers are industry leaders in efficiency.
  • Environmentally Responsible - As a standard, YORK water-cooled screw chillers offer environmentally responsible HCFC-22 refrigerant. Zero-ozone-depletion HFC-407C refrigerant is also available.
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c&d scroll chillers
YORK® MaxETM Water-Cooled Screw Chillers
  • OptiViewTM Control Center - Ensures optimum performance and easy operation.
  • Real-World Efficiency - Designed for maximum efficiency in the real world, where 99% of the cooling season is spent at off-design conditions.
  • Application Versatility - In addition to air-conditioning duty, MaxE screw chillers easily adapt to brine cooling and thermal storage.
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c&d scroll chillers
YORK® Model YCAL Air-cooled Scroll Chiller
  • High Efficiency - The industry's highest design and off-design efficiencies in this TR range
  • Environmentally Responsible - Can be charged with zero-ODP refrigerant HFC-407C -- an industry exclusive in this TR range
  • Superior Reliability - Scroll-compressor design has fewer moving parts, improving reliability
  • Ease of Operation - OptiViewTM remote control center, with graphical user-interface, is available
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Whaley Products, Incorporated
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Phone: 940-569-4116 ~ Email: sales@industrialchillersystems.com

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